Confidence Coaching - The Troika Connection

4.5 hours or 3 sessions of 90 minutes One-on-One Confidence Coaching Package (Hawke's Bay)

  • Goal setting
  • Remove the blocks that are holding you back
  • How to make it happen – how to structure, craft and deliver your winning keynote, which is videoed.

“I worked with Anna one on one over three sessions ninety minute coaching sessions.
The tools that Anna had provided me helped me to hone my presentation, giving consideration for how to capture my audience, how to structure my response, how to guide people from one topic to the next and how to keep their interest.

Anna is a great listener, has a clear understanding of how to best work with your individual style and strengths. I have found Anna to be supportive, and empowering – she has helped my confidence immensely and I am very grateful to her”. Saskia, General Manager, Hawke’s Bay

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