Speak Out - Confidence & Job Skills

You may have been made redundant due to Covid-19. You may be going through a stressful time and need support, trying to retrain or upskill. This course will help you unlock your confidence, help you identify your STARS and core skills and help you feel more comfortable and in control in the interview.

  • It aims to boost confidence about the job hunt. We cover 
  • Confidence boosters - how to sound and look more confident
  • Voice – unlocking the power of your voice, working on clarity, pitch, volume and pace–and how to sound more confident
  • Body language - how you come across, how to make an impact, eye contact, handshaking, communication skills
  • Interviewing techniques - role playing, interview etiquette and technique
  • Goal setting - smart goals, chunking down goals, action points for each week
  • How to change un-resourceful thinking to help you into your dream job and open new doors
  • Tools and tips to get you through the job hunt

This is a 3-hour face to face session, in small groups, held at the Hawke’s Bay Business Hub, book your space below.

We also offer Speak Out to individuals, one on one as a zoom course, on demand.


“I learnt that weird is interesting and good, everyone has issues”. Sue

“Please keep on relating where you are at and using yourself as an example in your course, it made me feel like that I wasn't the only one and it’s a good eye opener to know that person who is teaching you also has or is suffering from similar challenges. It makes it easier to open up”.  Mary participant at Maraenui Learning Centre

“Anna is an energetic and inclusive facilitator with a genuine interest in participants’ confidence issues”. Antionette Sturney, Technical Writer, Auckland

“I am actually capable of speaking to a group of people. And it didn’t hurt!  I have taken away lots of tools on how to feel more confident with myself and feel really good about who I am”. Annette Herrmann, Administrator, Auckland

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